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Considered a natural aquarium, the Red Sea invites you into an unforgettable adventure. Rixos Sharm El Sheikh hosts you at the privileged meeting point for an unprecedented experience supported by superior quality, luxury and convenience. Rixos Sharm El Sheikh enchants guests with a spectacular view of the Aqaba Gulf inlet and Tiran Island, as well as swimming in the spectacular waters of the Red Sea. The hotel is near Sharm El Sheikh; an 8 km drive from the International Airport of Rixos Sharm El Sheikh, adjacent to Nabq Bay city centre. Within 30 km from El Mercato, the hotel is a 15-minute drive from the International Convention Centre.

Naama Bay

Located 22 km from Rixos Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay is a must-see destination. With a breathtakingly blue sea, Naama Bay invites guests of Rixos Sharm El Sheikh to enjoy the sea, the sun and the sand, in addition to entertainment and shopping options. Naama Bay is considered a prime destination for luxury shopping enthusiasts in Sharm El Sheikh, where you can find many premium stores.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park is another must-see destination during your stay at Rixos Sharm El Sheikh. Promising a uniquely different experience where you can discover thousands of colours under the sea, Ras Mohammed invites you to discover an exciting range of marine species, sunken rocks, corals and caves. It is a popular place for diving enthusiasts.

Ancient City Centre

The Ancient City Centre includes shops where you can find distinctive products and items specific to the region. The majority of the Sharm El Sheikh community continues to reside in this ancient city centre, which offers shopping and sightseeing side by side.

Tiran Island

Recognised as one of the world’s most remarkable diving centres, Tiran Island is accessible by boat. You can discover the distinctive nature of the island, or dive into the sea with a snorkel and swim with colourful sea creatures. Discovering the undersea world promises both rewards and excitements!

Mount Sinai

As the setting where Moses received the Ten Commandments, according to the holy book, the Torah, Mount Sinai is considered a holy mountain. You can explore Mount Sinai on a one-day excursion during your stay at Rixos Sharm El Sheikh, join an ATV safari excursion in the desert, and enjoy tea in a desert tent.


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